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Needle valve for precise regulation of flow and pressure

Each 872 Series needle valve is defined by selection criteria specific to its application. Using an exclusive dedicated AC.MO software, these valves can be accurately sized to ensure optimal performance for the given installation.

AVK in Italy

The AVK group it’s a family run company that employs over 4,800 people worldwide. AVK has been operating in the valve sector for over 50 years. Today it is a global leader in the production of valves, hydrants and accessories for water supply, gas supply, wastewater treatment and fire prevention systems.

AVK produces valves and devices approved for the distribution of drinking water and intelligent solution for the digital monitoring of the water network. Our extensive assortment also includes irrigation products that ensure efficient use of water in agriculture, as well as valves that can endure even the hardest stages of wastewater treatment. AVK valves not only meet, but also exceed the highest safety standards. Besides valves/appliances for the distribution of natural gas, used for heating and electricity, we provide valves for the application of Biogas as we care to take part in the transition to renewable energy. Our hydrants are both used by the firefighters and installed in outdoor fire protection systems in industrial areas. Our high-quality valves, hydrants and accessories are game changer and offer the most convenient solution for our customers in the long term.

AVK in Italy includes AC.MO (ww.acmosrl.com), ASW-ATI (www.asw-ati.com), HYDRO-COS (www.hydrocos.com).

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